Microphone 4 phone

Two lightning mics for IPhones and a stereo Nikon mic with a TRS jack plug, ok for cameras or with phones an adapter cable.

Quite a few types of mic are available and most can be made to work with more or less effort.

First decide if you want a narrow focus (cardioid) or to record the whole soundscape. You may also want to clip a mic on to someone. (Lavalier)

Phone 2.5mm jack sockets come in different types:

  • TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) Left / Right / Ground – used for either stereo headphone output or stereo microphone input (but not both).
  • TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) Left / Right / Ground stereo headphone output, plus mono microphone input. Used for headsets with built in mics.

IPhones use either TRRS, Lightning connector or both.

Both types of microphone are available which can directly plug into and clip onto phone

Some Samsung phones only have a TRS connector and USB C so you will need an adapter or maybe a USB-C mic.

USB-C > USB-C toTRRS jack Female Adapter >TRRS Male to TRS microphone jack male > microphone

Placing your set up on a large sponge helps stop transmitted vibrations from a table.

Use a windshield if you are outdoors, otherwise wind noise is highly likely.

Drop me an email if you have any comments.

Recommended Microphones

Rode Video Mic Me-L for Iphone with lightning port. The zoom mic above picks up some sort of clicking noise and Zoom don’t seem to have fixed that. The Nikon mic is great for a camera on a hotshoe.

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