Sounding Out Wells

A Postcard to Wells

I am currently supporting the Sounding Out Wells Open University project.

A Postcard from Wells – Project article by Chris Bonfiglioli published on page 25 of The Quay Magazine Spring 2021.

I have been setting up social media channels on Instagram and Twitter to engage with people on the issues relating to coastal change in Wells-next-the-Sea @SoundingWells

Calling all local voices! Wells Maltings is launching Sounding Wells, a collaborative arts based project that will listen to local voices and sounds and make ‘sonic postcards’ from Wells-next-the-Sea. The project will explore the past through the local history archives, listen to local people and explore local soundscapes to find stories which will help us all to understand how Wells has changed, is changing and will change in the future.  

Can you talk about the secret smugglers’ passageways up from the quay?  What stories have you got about the 1953 tidal surge? Have you got something to say to your fellow residents which could shed light on the changes we all face?  The project invites local people to explore and reflect upon the huge environmental, social and economic changes at play along the North Norfolk Coast. What can local voices tell the world about the changes to life on the coast?  What are the issues that affect our own lives? What is changing and how, and what can that tell us about the future of Wells?  

A sonic postcard is a collection of sounds which can include interviews, music and sounds captured from the surrounding area. These postcards will be on permanent exhibition in the Wells Maltings Heritage Centre, and  they can be sent out to the world as postcards from Wells.

This project is a collaboration between Wells Malting, The Open University and of course the people of Wells. If you would like to be involved, collect sounds for the postcards,  or want to know more, look out for Wells Maltings listings of project activities in the coming months, follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @soundingwells

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