WordPress Tips

Things I have found out about WordPress.org WordPress.org is free, but you need hosting. WordPress.com you pay for. You can list custom posts simply by using the short code and adding the type you want to list.   Recaptcha is complicated to set up. There is an amazing community of people out there selflessly dedicated… Continue reading WordPress Tips


What3words allows you to specify an exact place on the earth by using 3 words. Each 3 word group species a 3m square. For example Carfax, in Oxford can be found using: ///grapes.swear.thinks or ///unless.tuck.boom https://w3w.co/unless.tuck.boom

Allotments in Oxford

Barns Court Allotments are a hidden gem. You wouldn’t necessarily notice them in passing. They include a nature area and a thriving community of allotmenteers. Ask two gardeners for advice and you will get three opinions. View Larger Map Map

Sounding Out Wells

A Postcard to Wells I am currently supporting the Sounding Out Wells Open University project. A Postcard from Wells – Project article by Chris Bonfiglioli published on page 25 of The Quay Magazine Spring 2021. I have been setting up social media channels on Instagram and Twitter to engage with people on the issues relating… Continue reading Sounding Out Wells

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Microphone 4 phone

Two lightning mics for IPhones and a stereo Nikon mic with a TRS jack plug, ok for cameras or with phones an adapter cable. Quite a few types of mic are available and most can be made to work with more or less effort. First decide if you want a narrow focus (cardioid) or to… Continue reading Microphone 4 phone