The map is not the territory

There are myriad ways of mapping the world and its places.

Map of North Norfolk

I have explored mapping video, sounds, stories and images in various ways.

The Sounding Coastal Change Open University project maps sound recordings made in and around Blakeney, on the North Coast of Norfolk. The Sounding Out Wells (@SoundingWells) and the Making Sand Dunes Public Open University projects extend this work and look at the geography of these places.

I have also used mapping in my work with MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) to navigate remote areas.

Phones locate themselves in various ways including GPS, Cell tower triangulation and using beacons indoors.

I am currently learning about activities on the coast of Scotland, including the marine environment. See my sustainable Seaweed page….

Psychological systems can also be understood as maps of our inner selves, again, as Bandler and Grinder said, the map is not the territory.