Academic Projects

Academic Projects

I have worked as a consultant on several Open University Projects, providing new media inputs, management, pedagogy and taken the creative lead on a wide range of creative outputs.

Most recently I worked for the Open University Geography and Sociology Departments on projects relating to social change.

I produced this video for the international Moving Market Places project. The film comprises interviews with the academics involved from Switzerland, the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, together with footage from each of the countries involved. I added time lapse footage from Walthamstow Market in London. I recorded the interviews via Zoom. I also composed the music and did the artwork and animation of the end credits.

I have also been working with the RSE, Young Academy of Scotland and produced an interactive coastal map of Scotland as well as a series of podcasts about change on the Scottish coast.

Coastal Knowledge Map

Sounding Coastal Change

The Sounding Coastal Change project was a sound based project based in Blakeney and the surrounding coast. More.

Sounding Out Wells

Sounding Out Wells is a sound based project creating sonic postcards to inform coastal change in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. More @SoundingWells

Making Sand Dunes Public

Making Sand Dunes Public, aka Norfolk Living Dunes is a project which helps relate people and dunes in Holme and Brancaster, Norfolk. The project works closely with the ENDURE project and North Norfolk County Council. It has produced several dune walk podcasts for places along the north coast of Norfolk and this video for World Sand Dune Day 2021


Living with Dunes

Sounding Coastal Change is a sound based project based in Blakeney, Norfolk.

Website : Sounding Coastal Change

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