Sonic Postcards

I worked on the Open University Sounding Out Wells team to produce this series of videos. The videos were aimed to highlight the audio content, so the images are chosen to focus attention on listening.

School’s Out, the first sonic postcard of this series was composed of audio recordings and interviews by school children from the Wells Primary School. I used slow motion images from Wells harbour to slow down the watching experience and focus attention on the audio.

Sea Change, the second sonic postcard was produced by myself and Kim Hammond. I have again used slow motion video of Wells Harbour to focus attention on the speakers.

Living Well with Dunes, the third sonic postcard focusses on the importance of sand dunes to coastal areas. I used slow motion and still images from Holkham dunes, again to deliberately focus attention on the audio.

Wells Past, the fourth sonic postcard was produced by Mike Coombs at the Wells Maltings from archival audio recordings. I used vintage postcards and removed the people from the images, then slowly faded them back in to create a slow moving ghostly feel to the video.

The Lifeboat Horse, the fifth sonic postcard includes an interview with Rachel Long, the artist who created the horse. I chose time lapse video to show how the horse relates to the rising and falling of the tides. Again the video aims to focus on the listening experience.

Living with Terns, the sixth sonic postcard focusses on the extensive work we did to understand the relationships between people, dogs and the birdlife along the coast. It was produced by Kim Hammond and distills many discussions and interviews into a short sonic experience.

Lobster Catch, the seventh sonic postcard sonifies the lobsters that are bred in the lobster hatchery in Wells next the Sea.

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